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Tim "Silver Feet" Waterson

Tim hands away the Championship belt to the new WFD Champ and World Record holder
Mike 'Machine' Mallais

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's, 5’ 10" Tim Waterson held his record longer than any other WFD champ. You might say that Tim has the record for the longest held WFD record! Tim held his World Record of 1,030 Bass Drum Single Stroke's in 60 Seconds for 6 years. Additionally, Tim impressed drum celebrities Rikki Rocket, Gregg Bissonette, John Blackwell, Mark Craney, Virgil Donati, Myron Grombacher, Doane Perry, Zoro, Richie Garcia, Mark Shulman, Johnny Rabb, Jon 'Bermuda' Swartz, Bryan Hitt, Glenn Sobel, Mike Mangini, and Glenn Noyes when he set a World Record for Doubles during the 2002 WFD World Finals held at The Musician's Institute in January 2002. Tim's feat (or feet in this case!) was captured by XSTV and aired on Fox Sports channel! Tim has also appeared on the Big Breakfast show in Canada and on the Discovery Channel. Finally, Tim's hands are also no laughing matter as his Battle of the Hands score is 1,008 Single Strokes in 60 Seconds.

When asked how his involvement in WFD has impacted himself and/or others, Tim comments, “Being in the WFD has allowed me to share my foot techniques with other drummers and has given me the opportunity to perform in front of my drum heroes and be accepted as part of the drum community.
Working with the drumometer pushes you but also helps you clean up your playing It is extremely addictive it and a great drumming accessory for all drummers.”

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Years Drumming: 30
Hobbies/Interest: Writing and performing music and video, harassing Jim Chapin with his Camcorder
Years in WFD: Since 2000

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